Crushine Wet Brush

Category: Fonts, Date: 15-03-2017, 23:58, Views: 1001


Crushine is a casually and quickly written brush script. Letters are made with brush pen on a paper. Then scanned and carefully drawn into vector format. There is just a handmade typeface so it looks good in small and big sizes. These elements gives Crushine its organic, authentic and laid-back characteristics.

Fake Empire Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 15-03-2017, 23:56, Views: 851


A man far cleverer than me once said that we strive for excellence when mediocrity will do. Not perfectóThat pretty much sums up my new font called Fake Empire. It's faulty, flawed and defective. It celebrates the fact that its crude, dirty and damaged goods.

Lanara Script Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 15-03-2017, 23:54, Views: 795


Lanara Script font that is made with love, lanara script is suitable for branding, invitation, t-shirt, mailing, and and other suitable design you want.

Martian B Thai (Complete Family)

Category: Fonts, Date: 15-03-2017, 23:52, Views: 793


Martian B Thai is a sans-serif based typeface, inspired from industrial signs with semi-modular structure, suitable for using in wide ranged media format. Available in nine weights from Thin to ExtraBlack. Support many language with standard Adobe Latin 4 glyphs, world-ready and mark to mark support, especially Thai script.

Fusioner Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 15-03-2017, 23:51, Views: 901


Introducing Fusioner Typeface a rough Brush Calligrahpy Font with street style, created on november 2016, reflect the Cool and futuristic on one precious font.

Saint Marche Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 15-03-2017, 23:46, Views: 1194


Saint Marche Typeface is handmade classic vintage mixed up with modern touch display typeface. See classy vintage and modern typography with Regular and Rough style. Suitable for logo, letterhead, posters, shirt, flyer, or any design requirements.

Bergen Mono Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 15-03-2017, 23:42, Views: 986


Bergen Mono is the latest addition to Bergen font bundle. Itís a monospaced 6 piece font family engineered to speak the language of monospaced world fluently, without losing itís legibility and distinctive personality of itís predecessors, Bergen Sans and Bergen Text. It is built to handle most demanding tasks, uncompromisingly, from print to digital. It has Extended Latin, Cyrillic (including Bulgarian character set) and Greek language support included.

Rodriguez Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 15-03-2017, 23:32, Views: 869


Let me introduce "Rodriguez" - a new bright typeface! It's a display font, perfect for playful apparel, prints, article headlines, web, lettering compositions, print products, t-shirts, and many-many other things! Combine it with some art, and use bright colors! You'll get the font in all main formats + pleasant bonus - a colorful vector set of handdrawn succulents.

Abell Font Pack

Category: Fonts, Date: 15-03-2017, 23:29, Views: 938


Abell font a set of 5 different weight. It is a sans serif font with geometric shape and little art-deco touch. Itís a lovely and unique serif font in our website, allowing you to make each word look completely stylish! It Suits best for modern / clean designs, logos, headlines, banners & templates etc. It looks gorgeous in all caps with a wide-set spacing if you want to try a classy look, or beautiful on its own in capital and lowercase letters for something completely timeless. Pair with any font and create unlimited looks. It is available for (personal and commercial use) in both .OTF format. It pairs well with both script and sans-serif fonts and features single weight with multilingual letters.