Praho Pro Font Family

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Praho Pro is a multilingual family inspired by the unique, historical character of Praga district of Poland’s capital - Warsaw. High contrast, thin serifs, sharp terminals and large x-height are key features for distinctive headlines. The whole family consist of 9 weights and real italics, small caps, superscript and subscript letters, oldstyle, tabular figures and fractions. It covers latin and cyrillic script. Every weight has almost 2000 glyphs.

Tazugane Gothic Font Family

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The Tazugane Gothic typeface family is the first original Japanese typeface created by Monotype. Designed by Akira Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Yamada and Ryota Doi of the Monotype Studio, the Tazugane Gothic typeface offers ten weights and was developed to complement the classic Latin typeface, Neue Frutiger. The design of the Tazugane Gothic typeface balances an original, humanistic style with elements of traditional Japanese handwriting. The two typefaces work together in a natural, seamless and adaptable manner so that Japanese and Latin texts can be used side-by-side for a wide range of applications, including in magazines, books and other print media; on digital devices; in branding and corporate identity systems; and in signage for buildings, highways and mass transit.

Priman Layered Display Font

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Introducing Priman, a layered serif display font from Cobra Labs! Priman is a thick roman style font that comes in three sets, Clean, Rough, and Extras, all in both ttf and otf.

Fada Font Family

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Fada is a unicase geometric grotesque that was made on the basis of a logo for a bar, which we have designed. We were inspired by the license plate, in which the letters have specific heats in places conjoined. The only difference between upper or lower case characters is reduced and increased waist. This is characteristic not only for letters and digits. Fada - good for fashion, editorial, posters, logos and so on.

Meteoric Font Family

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Meteoric is a new playful three-weight typefamily, featuring a soft and rounded Sans Serif. The semi-stencil style gives it a distinct futuristic look and modern feeling that is great for logos and branding, packaging, titles, magazines, posters, signs, scrapbooking, games…

Termina Font Family

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Amongst the landscape of geometrics, Termina breaks the norm with its generously wide letterforms. The typeface was conceived after finding and examining specimens for Industria, a family designed by Hermann Zehnpfundt in the early nineteen-hundreds for Emil Gursch. Something about the strength of its extended letterforms at larger sizes and their simplicity at smaller sizes struck a chord. This is no Industria revival or clone, however—Termina is a modern take on this wide geometric, grotesque style.

ITC Barcelona Font Family

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ITC Barcelona was designed by Ed Benguiat, a serif typeface with almost decorative details. The bold and heavy weights include some unique twists to a number of characters and numerals which are slightly rounder than those of the other weights. The flexible ITC Barcelona can be used in text or displays.

Smashing Font

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Smashing is a stout typeface, with a twist. It’s a massive all-caps font with bouncing glyphs, positively bold yet quite good-humored. Its upper and lower case slots stores different lettershapes, providing handy options to choose from.

Fountain Pen Font

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An unconecting script face that closely resembles hand written with a fountainpen. It was expressly designed for informal applications such as invitations, notations, side boxes and hand written personal cards.

Dia Font Family

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Arriving in the mid-1800s, the first Grotesks were generally ‘jobbing’ faces meant for advertising and other short-run commercial copy. Within a few decades they came in a variety of weights and widths, but proper families with coordinated members were not the norm until well into the next century. Printers mixed and matched sans serifs of varying shapes and sizes in the hodgepodge fashion of the day.