Metropolis - Font Family

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Inspired by the original 1927 Fritz Lang movie and based on a old classic design, Metropolis font is a classic revival, a combination of modern and classic art. Created to answer contemporary needs of 21st century projects.

Salty Font Family

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Salty - not fat just big boned. Salty is a hearty brush family thatís great for any kind of display use from packaging to poster & logos to headlines. Salty has bold and clear basic letterforms and lots of alternates for more customised look.

Alonga Font Family

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Alonga is modern serif family that comes in 3 weights: Light, Regular and Bold. Characterized with high contrasted stems and sharp triangular serifs ñ all wrapped in elegant geometric letter shapes. Contains Tabular and OldStyle Numerals, Ligatures, Numerator, Denominator and Fractions.

Clickbait - Logo Font

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A calligraphy dry brush font that you'll never ignore. Implementation of almost-empty brush pen and super fast stroke to get those natural texture of hand lettering impression. Some tips : it kinda perfect for logo, branding, a punchline words in a poster, quote, and any kind of situation that need an 'in your face' word.

Woodcrafter Sans - 4 Font Family

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Woodcrafter Sans is a family of FOUR fonts designed with your logos, branding, and quotes mind. Rounded edges and imperfections were added to the characters to give that old school printing vibe. Woodcrafter Sans is extremely versatile on its own. The font family also works great as a secondary font to go along with existing logos and branding.

Peaches - Wedding Font

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Let me introduce you to Peaches - A cute new hand-illustrated fontfamily - made with a pen and lots of love, alternates and swirls! I really enjoyed crafting this new rounded Uppercase Font that was inspired by the round shape of peach blossoms.

Loadink Typeface

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LOADINK a futuristic display typeface. Basic version consists of capital letters, numerals, and necessary additional punctuation.

Pixles Font

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Pixles is a fun new font created by OTSS with crafters in mind. This super bold curly styled lettering is great for cutting with your Silhouette or Cricut! It comes with a BONUS font file that has multiple extra swirly glyphs. Opentype software NOT required. Just release your paths in your software and move the extras where you need them! I tried to keep it super simple! Enjoy!

Arnold Light Typeface

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Minimalistic and classy urban sans serif typeface with more than 410 characters. Perfect for gorgeous logos & titles, Arnold Bold will pair beautifully with many fonts and work well with whatever project you're working on.

Syntax Next Font Family

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Syntax was designed by Swiss typographer Hans Eduard Meier, and issued in 1968 by the D. Stempel AG type foundry as their last hot metal type family. Meier used an unusual rationale in the design of this sans serif typeface; it has the shapes of humanist letters or oldstyle types (such as Sabon), but with a modified monoline treatment. The original drawings were done in 1954; first by writing the letters with a brush, then redrawing their essential linear forms, and finally adding balanced amounts of weight to the skeletons to produce optically monoline letterforms. Meier wanted to subtly express the rhythmical dynamism of written letters and at the same time produce a legible sans serif typeface. This theme was supported by using a very slight slope in the roman, tall ascenders, terminals at right angles to stroke direction, caps with classical proportions, and the humanist style a and g. The original foundry metal type was digitized in 1989 to make this family of four romans and one italic. Meier completely reworked Syntax in 2000, completing an expanded and improved font family that is available exclusively from Linotype GmbH as Linotype Syntax. In 2009 the typeface family was renamed into a more logical naming of "Syntax Next" to fit better in the Platinum Collection naming.