Simple Homes Mockup Creator

Category: Product Mockups, Date: 18-05-2017, 22:46, Views: 1453


Create premium quality images to showcase your poster frame presentations, website headers, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook or Behance projects by just dragging and dropping items in Photoshop. Presentation never looked so perfect.

Paradise Thoughts Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-05-2017, 12:45, Views: 865


Paradise Thoughts is a hand made font crafted with love. It's authentically hand lettered in my cozy home studio! The pack includes alternates for lowercase characters to make it look like freshly hand written. Designed to work perfectly in multiple designs like wedding invitations, website logos, Instagram posts and many many more.

Paramaribo Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-05-2017, 12:43, Views: 915


Meet Paramaribo, a hand lettered, cute and decorative font. Paramaribo family includes two fonts with stylistic substitutions and 28 ligatures. Perfect for designing ads, logos, prints, social media texts, blogs, wedding branding, quotes and so much more.

Boucherie Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-05-2017, 12:40, Views: 864


Finding fonts that work together to capture the aesthetic of an era is one of the biggest challenges designers face. Boucherie captures the lively essence of 19th-century French advertising typography with a collection of original designs. Use Boucherie to create typographic compositions that are at once fresh and familiar. Boucherie provides four distinct display fonts plus ornaments, catchwords, and frames that beautifully complement each other.

Makeup Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-05-2017, 12:39, Views: 882 presents Makeup Script. Expressive hand-made typography to design sentences with high textured impact; has 4 creative tools. Our priorities are continually updated and we prefer to use the elevator since taking the stairs is a very long process. If you see a long text, you close it and look for something shorter. For quick calligraphy you need to consume hours and hours of learning, discomfort and effort. Think of calligraphic words or phrases to write about a photo no matter how expressive it may be. Try to write quickly with signature style for logos, labels or packaging for clothes, suitcases, shops, malls, department stores, etc.

Aclo Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-05-2017, 12:36, Views: 820


This font is ideal for posters and logos. Inspired by Escher work.

Druk Text Wide Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-05-2017, 12:34, Views: 1333


While studying catalogs designed by Willem Sandberg for the Stedelijk Museum, Berton Hasebe noticed frequent use of small sizes of Annonce Grotesk, a very wide and bold sans serif, for running feet, headers within text, and other small navigational elements. Unable to think of a contemporary typeface able to do this job as capably, he was inspired to adapt Druk Wide for small sizes. Druk Text Wide is designed to be useful for structural elements, clarifying typographic hierarchy without forcing dramatic changes in scale on the page. It can also be used sparingly for short blocks of text, but it is primarily intended for display use at small sizes, maintaining its legibility all the way down to 6pt.

Turnpike Bevel Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-05-2017, 12:33, Views: 850


Turnpike Bevel is best used in accompaniment to Turnpike Display, at big point sizes. It is provided as a vector font (eps format) in 3 layers to give control over the shades and colours of the outlines, highlights and body of each glyph independently. For those without vector editing software, a basic Open Type font is also provided.

Frutiger Serif Pro Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-05-2017, 12:31, Views: 1096


Frutiger Serif is a re-envisioning of Meridien,a typeface first released by Deberny & Peignot during the 1950s. Working closely with Adrian Frutiger, Linotype's Type Director Akira Kobayashi expanded the original metal type version of Meridien into a new digital family of 20 variants. Renamed Frutiger Serif, this up-to-date Meridien has new weights, widths, and styles that correspond better with several other of Frutiger's designs. Just as Meridien has always been a fine choice for text settings, Frutiger Serif works brilliantly for large amounts of text & also at small point sizes. With its many weights and styles, this family is strong enough for most typographic projects. However, its added versatility is revealed when used in combination with other fonts. Frutiger Serif works well with the original Frutiger, Frutiger Next, and Univers - just to name a few. Paring these serif and sans serif families together is perfect for creating complex hierarchies and clear information design. Working with complicated typographic systems - involving elements such as headlines, captions, pull quotes, multilingual text, etc - is made easy by selecting Frutiger Serif and another of Frutiger's sans serif families. The designer needs simply to mix and match different weights and styles for the various textual elements to create smart and innovative layouts.

Blak Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-05-2017, 12:28, Views: 802


Blak is a neoclassical blackletter inspirited display typeface. Its pure geometric shapes and strict grids gives the typeface a modern and bold aesthetic.
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