FUNKY PAINTER Photoshop Creative Kit

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 With this set, you can do amazingly creative work with a realistic imitation of oil paint and the frescoes on the canvas or on the wall. Just imagine what amazing headlines, greeting cards, and posters you can do in just a few minutes!

Memories Script Font

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Memories Scripts are duo fonts of Memories line and Memories regular stylish calligraphy that have a varied base line, fine lines, classic and elegant touches. Can be used for various purposes. Such as title, signature, logo, wedding invitation, t-shirt, letterhead, nameplate, label, news, poster, badge etc. Memories Script displays 447+ glyphs and 237 alternate characters. Includes initial letters and terminals, alternatives, ligatures and multiple language support.

Marek Slab Font Family

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Marek is a slab serif font it takes it’s name from a football player from the Naples soccer team "Marek Hamsik”. It is composed of 5 weights (thin, light, regular, bold and black with matching italics), it’s ideal for big headers as for magazines, t-shirts, branding and much more. It is available in open type format and includes alternative fonts (a,K,k,g), ligatures, oldstyle and linear number. Moreover, it includes the glyph of the new bitcoin currency, supports more than 80 languages and it’s composed of 392 glyphs.

Saekana Script Font

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Saekana Script is a bold script. Saekana a beautiful for logotype, website header, fashion design,wedding card design and any more. Saekana comes with two style rough and clean. It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, a large range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support.

Sundaes on Mondays Font

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Take a break with those cursive fonts and enjoy this Sundaes on Mondays font! Let your graphic design standout with this rough, literally playful and readable typeface. Try out this new trend of dry markers and level up your photographs, blogs, videos, magazines, brochures and many more!

F37 Jan Font Family

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The inspiration behind our F37 Jan font family first came from Matthew Carter's Bell Centennial, the font used in the AT&T telephone directory. We loved the way the ink traps and large contours made the text easier to read at a small size.

SST Arabic Font Family

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Designed for global branding and supporting 93 languages, the SST® typefaces blend the organic readability and controlled structure of modern sans serif designs. In combining these attributes, the SST family is understated, versatile – and sure to be a timeless design.

Brando Font Family

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Brando is a contemporary serif with humanist proportions, exploring the balance between mechanical and egyptian forms. It was originally inspired by a bank logotype proposal, then subsequently developed into the robust typeface it is today. The careful interaction of rigid and fluid strokes give Brando its modern appeal and sturdiness. The light styles of Brando assume the shape of an elegant slab-serif with open letterforms, while the heavier weights feature just the right amount of contrast to give it an even and comfortable texture in text. The distinctive Italics strike a harmonious balance between true Italics and Oblique with letterforms that are supple and vigorous alike.

Summa Font Family

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After a career in the design industry and as an educator, Don Sterrenburg brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to bear in creating Summa. Sterrenburg is truly a master in the art of pen and ink. "There was excitement and renewed effort with each arrival of new art for Summa from Don.” relates Delve Withrington, principal at Delve Fonts. He continues: "It was a pleasure to work with Don. The artwork he prepared for pro­duct­ion of the digital typeface was confident, and precise — leaving no room to misinterpret the intent. That alone made work go very smoothly on our end.”

Bodoni Campanile Pro Font

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Bodoni Campanile Pro is a font that bridges the gap between a "fat” and a compressed traditional serif typeface. It was originally designed in 1936 by Robert H. Middleton for Ludlow. International TypeFounders exclusively licensed the family from the Ludlow Collection, and Steve Jackaman (ITF) produced a digital version in 1998. Jackaman completely redrew the font for its 2017 release.