Carrig Pro Font Family

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Carrig Pro is a refined and elegant serif. Classed as an Antiqua, Carrig Pro is borne from a hybrid of influences that range from early Roman inscriptions to type of the Pre-Modern era, giving Carrig Pro a distinctive character all of its own. Carrig Pro will appear instantly familiar and friendly and could well be the perfect typeface for designers seeking to convey a message with a distinctive and prestigious air.

Massimo Font Family

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Massimo is a semi-serif geometric type family. For as long as I can remember, I've admired the visual style of New York Ė its architecture, fashion, design, and typography. After spending two weeks in Manhattan this summer, I wanted to prepare a sharp and modern typeface in Big Apple style.

Loguetown Typeface

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Introducing our new product. Loguetown Typeface. A bold script font inspired by brush lettering. Perfect for display, logotype, signage, sticker, label and more. You can apply this font for both modern and vintage designs.

Sonny Gothic Font Family

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Sonny Gothic is our most rational-geometric typefamily until so far. Itís inspired by the geometric style of the 70s, specifically by Herb Lubalinís work. 

Mahmur Brush Script Typeface

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Mahmur Brush Script Typeface that we made to give you ease in accomplishing the work of typography such as logotype, poster, headline, T-shirt and other creative projects. to enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7.

Oblivian Text Font Family

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Oblivian Text is a sans serif type family of ten weights plus italics. The typeface is based on geometric forms with bits and pieces of modern humanistic grotesque fonts. It comes along with varius OpenType features such as table, old style figures and a stylistic character set. Oblivian Text has an extended character set that supports Central and Eastern European as well as Western European.

Alchemist Font

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Inspirited as much by nature and the elements as it was by the decorative and ornate alphabets of early sign-painting and lettering books, Alchemist aspires to become the next surefire, go-to staple in the display type community. This semi-condensed, high contrast, and stylish take on classic Roman forms is certain to stand out in your arsenal.Alchemist lends itself adeptly to signage, headlines, cinematic and gaming titles, packaging design and much more. This protean display face can shift and adapt to your every need with over 100 alternate characters and more than 40 ligatures. Explore this massive 500+ character font today and see what you can create with it.

Caponi Text Font Family

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While Caponi was initially designed for display use in Entertainment Weekly, the primary source was Bodoniís text types, making the later addition of a text version a logical idea. Caponi Text is unusual among contemporary interpretations of Bodoni not just in focusing on Bodoniís earliest work, but also in fully embracing the inconsistencies and unevenness of the source material. The warm, inviting tone of Caponi Text expands the notion of how a Bodoni can feel on the page. While preserving many eccentricities, it also make concessions to contemporary taste, so a more traditional lowercase s, with serifs rather than ball terminals, is available as an alternate.

Postmark Typewriter Font

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Postmark Typeface come from modern vintage typewriter, come with 2 weight style regular & rough version. Is perfect for Headline, vintage poster, gigs, article, Badges, Logo, or Event.

Slam Normal Font Family

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ĽSLAMę is my new, very sturdy but elegant slab-serif font family. I designed this font family with body copy in mind and gave it all the glyphs necessary for use with all latin writing languages. I also gave the fonts all kinds of different numerals as well as a complete set of small caps and overall extensive kerning. It comes in eight normal weights with corresponding oblique cuts and it comes in a rounded version and corresponding obliques as well. Enjoy this original font, it is a real work horse!