Raph Lanok Typeface

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Introducing Raph Lanok Typeface which has a elegant hand lettering brush style. So it looks natural like a handmade, because Raph Lanok family have a more choice characters. This font is best used for your design project that has the concept of fun, brave and sporty. Can also be applied to the design of a logotype, header website, make some lettering a quote, t-shirt design etc.

ATF Alternate Gothic Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 31-07-2017, 23:27, Views: 1211


ATF Alternate Gothic is a new, significant digital expansion of Morris Fuller Benton’s classic 1903 type design. Originally available in one bold weight, the metal typeface came in three slightly different widths for flexibility in copy-fitting layouts.

Melissa - Hand Drawn Script Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 31-07-2017, 23:26, Views: 793


Here comes Melissa Font - my handwritten script font containing upper & lowercase characters, numerals and a large range of punctuation. It looks great on wedding invitations and other cards, creating cute and accurate effect of hand-writing.

HongKong Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 31-07-2017, 23:23, Views: 882


HongKong is a large, futuristic-style sans serif family. The letters have straight-sides – even ‘e’ and ‘o’, for example – and the whole typeface has a rather minimalistic design. Many typical sans serif features have been reduced somewhat. Quite a few lowercase letters are spurless. The ‘a’ still has a double-storey structure, but it is without the final spur on its bottom right. Other features of the fonts include a rounded-top ‘A’ and a single-story ‘g’. HongKong includes 14 fonts. These are seven different weights, each with a companion italic. The italics are obliques. Like the upright fonts, all of their letterforms are drawn with monolinear strokes. Each font includes alternate, even more-rounded versions of the letters ‘M’, ‘N’, ‘V’, ‘W’, ‘X’, ‘Y’, ‘Z’, ‘v’, ‘w’, ‘x’, ‘y’, and ‘z’ … plus all of the diacritic characters based on these. HongKong’s lowercase letters have a very tall x-height, and their ascenders rise above caps just a little bit. The family’s lighter weights feel nice and loose in text, while the heavier weights are spaced more tightly. HongKong is a great font for the tech industry, but could also be put to good use to advertise music or art.

Boemia Font

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Boemia with alternate lowercase and swashes to add value to your projects. Supported languages: Central Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian. OT Features: kern, stylistic alternates, swash.

Pally Font Family

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Pally is a highly-informal sans serif design. Its three weights were designed by Jean-Baptiste Morizot. Pally’s letterforms are all a bit wobbly; the angles of many letters’ strokes are atypical – just look at the capital ‘A’ – and the left and right-hand-sides of many letters are not the same size or height (e.g., the lowercase ‘a’ and ‘n’). As a result, Pally has a lot more character than most sans serif typefaces. It could be an excellent choice for headlines or signage in children’s services projects, like family centers, pediatricians’ offices, primary schools, etc. Once you begin to understand the different rhythm that Pally offers, its underlying typographic sophistication becomes clear. The ascenders of the lowercase letters, rise above the heights of capital letters and numerals. The lowercase alphabet includes a double-storey ‘a’, a single-storey ‘g’, and a Jensonian ‘e’, with a diagonal stroke in its middle-section. Each Pally weight has been drawn in a more-or-less monolinear fashion. In the fonts’ extended character sets, there is plenty of space between each letter and diacritics that come on top of it.

Exotic Taste Script Font

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Introducing New! Exoic Taste Script Font. Every detail is natural and exotic. Carefully made. You can create your own designs with the fluff and natural texture. It's the perfect choice for personal branding projects, handwritten quotes, homeware designs, product packaging - or simply as a modern & stylish text overlay to any background image.

Eksell Display Font Family

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Eksell Display is a unique typeface from 1962, designed by the legendary swedish designer Olle Eksell (1918–2007).

Salty Hair Font DUO

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Say Hello to our new gorgeous font Salty Hair. Add a hand brushed touch to your magazine layouts, lettering, logo designs, quotes, packaging, social media. You can mix and match both fonts in one word without any special software.

Akhand Bengali Font Family

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Akhand Bengali is a family of 8 compact mono-linear typefaces and part of the super family Akhand Multiscript. The letterforms are dynamic; typically round shapes appear more compact, as their verticals have been flattened. This ‘straightening out’ gives text set in the typefaces a streamlined look. Akhand Bengali is designed according to a modular system. All shapes bear a strong commonality to each other, without becoming repetitive. However, the curves in the modules have all been optically corrected, removing the mechanical nature that would otherwise become too dominant.