Holland Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 23-09-2017, 13:18, Views: 1125


Holland Script is modern script that perfect for photography, signature, branding. It is so beautiful and classy, simple but strong.

Petala Pro Font Family

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Pétala Pro took its first steps almost ten years ago. Since then, the quest for perfection has forced several interruptions. It was necessary recalculate the route, tread other ways, discover new maps, and make easy curves. In the end, a new milestone on typeface design was reached.

Hello Bunda Typeface

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Hello world..!! this is Hello Bunda Script Typeface, simple and easy to create awesome lettering, just type your words and then you will immediately see the great results.

Faded Grandeur - 4 All Caps Fonts

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Faded Grandeur is a distinctive, elegant display type family of four all caps fonts and has been inspired by stone engravings that have withered and decayed over time. Evoking a sense of a bygone era and historic decay, these fonts have been designed for titling and headline purposes, with ideal placement on book covers, for movie titles and wedding stationery.

Marmalade, a Hand Painted Font

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Hello everyone! I want to introduce you to Marmalade, a pretty hand painted font. I created Marmalade with a teeny brush and some pretty watercolors. It has authentic watercolor textured edges. It's a casual, unconnected hand lettered script, with a bouncy baseline and squared off strokes. The uppercase letters work like their very own font - try mixing ALL CAPS with lowercase for a punchy look.

Kitchen Sink Typeface

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This typeface is named after the favourite haunt of the sponges which were used to create it - the kitchen sink. A shaped sponge was covered in acrylic paint, dabbed onto paper plenty of times, and then scanned in order to create each letter.

Legenda Script

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Legenda Brush is a fun market pen font with a quirky style and feel to it! It’s rough approach makes it the perfect companion for something you want to be edgy and stand out from the crowd. 

Mario Font Family

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Once upon a time, Mestre Patau, the «Black» magician, concerned about children´s typefaces historical ugliness, decided to settle the matter and using his vector powers, made letters embellished to be used in that stories so that they were according with the great genius all children have inside. Well done face but happy, goodness is not incompatible with joy.

Raya Font

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Raya is a vintage style font. This font was inspired by the 1920s advertising. Raya has several open type feature such as alternate stylistic, ligature, swash and all accented character,. You can access the open type features on mostly Adobe programs, such as Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Raya is suitable for logo, t-shirt/apparel, badge, invitation, packaging, headline, poster, magazine, greeting card, and wedding invitation.

Rehab - The Display Sans Serif Font

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Welcome to the Sameeh Media. We create the fonts that help you make a great design for your work. You can use for branding projects, labels, apparel design, typography pieces and more. Rehab - The Display Sans Serif Font, designed to combine perfectly and allow you to create stunning logo, resume, branding quickly and easily.