Morl Font Family

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Developed from condensed san serif families of the 90’s to 00’s, Morl brings together the distinctive features of the time but presented in a simpler design. Its potential is increased with Original, Sans, and Rounded options which offer varied moods. Suitable for publications, web and product designs, Morl can fit either headlines or body. It’s also effectively supported in various devices. The family comes in 10 weights, making it available to use for your required tasks in 60 styles.

Bintang Handwritting Typeface

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Introducing ! The Bintang of ' the beautiful script abrush Fonts and unique, it is a model of modern calligraphy typography in combination with calligraphy writing style. Star Font consists of 433 glyphs, including alternative spellings with 1 choice of Alternative WHOLESALE SWASH and Alternative options including seven lowercase terminal elect and early letters, ligatures, alternate, and multiple language support.

Stratos Font Family

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Stratos is a geometric grotesque whose peculiar utility is derived from unusual ideas about proportion. It eschews conventional notions of typographic relationships — not just for novel effect, but to empower the user to do more interesting things with type.

Serendipity Handwritten Font

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Say hello to **Serendipity** - A font that you were meant to find, and is now destined to be with you :) An elegant cousin of Saturday Script, Serendipity is a lovingly handwritten brush script , with an air of grace and flamboyancy.

Wakiki Layered Typeface + Bonus

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Introducing Wakiki !! a fontastic layered set, inspired from beautiful Hawaiian look. Create your own style as you want with 3 Layers. Wakiki consist of a shadow layer, to make your design more alive. And especially, with a woodtexture and delicious cheese appearance, conveys an exotic and tropical mood. This font will be awesome for designing poster, book covers, film covers, apparel, cards, logos, posters, sign etc.

Fluo Font

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Fluo‚ a stencil-ized rounded sans by AinsiFont

Alistair Font

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Alistair Signature Font is a modern font with more featured and made with hand lettering. Alistair Signature Font have a complete glyphs, this font suitable for wedding invitation, greeting cards, T-Shirt, Logo or any design that you create. comes with a complete set of standard characters, Alternates, Punctuation & have extra ornament for your design and many more.

Senorita Handwritten Textured Font

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Introducing the new hand drawn script Señorita. This font was hand written with dry brush and will look great on branding design, posters, apparel, for logotype, website header, fashion design, wedding card design and any more.

Gothica Font

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Say hello to Gothica. It’s a display geometric sans designed with Stencil-like elements and letter cutouts specifically created for visual impact—ideal for logo, branding and advertising purposes. The font includes capitals and capital alternatives in the lower case keystroke positions—it’s like having 2 display fonts in one. In addition, Gothica includes various opentype features that allow graphic designers to tailor the type for custom needs.