Blandes Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 25-10-2017, 23:32, Views: 913


Blandes Typeface is inspired by the handwriting style with the brush pen, I tried to create a clean style with the anatomy of the original hand lettering from the paper after that I make into vector and I made it into the typeface, i create Blandes Typeface with some different character alternatives I mean that when we want to create a logotype or for typography we just use this typeface very easily and quickly like a handleting style.

Banjax Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 25-10-2017, 23:30, Views: 932


Banjax is a humanist sans serif typeface, designed to be highly versatile and efficient in both print and digital environments. The extreme weights are perfect for display purposes, with the central core weights ideal for body copy. While Banjax has a branding focus, it would be suitable for pretty much any text application in any Latin language.

The Ranthing Handmade Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 25-10-2017, 23:29, Views: 770


The Ranthing is a 100% handmade typeface. Brought to give you a professional, creative, and bold looks for you designs.

Mimosa Script Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 25-10-2017, 23:28, Views: 833


Mimosa Script a new fresh & modern script with a handmade calligraphy style, decorative characters and a dancing baseline! So beautiful on invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!

Grind Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 25-10-2017, 23:27, Views: 794


Grind is a big and bold display typeface that oozes strength and toughness. Grind features simple, demolished, halftone and timber styles. It also comes with multilingual support and includes letters, numbers and punctuation.

Jameican Blue Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 25-10-2017, 23:26, Views: 737


Intoducing new hand lettered font Jameican Blue every details is natural and untouched. Carefully made. You can create wonders in your designs with the font that has fluent and natural texture. Also Jameican Blue has Stylistic Alternate Characters. So you can enhance the typography with different characters. You can use Jameican Blue Script for your favorite areas. To turn your dreams into reality.

Yasaman Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 25-10-2017, 23:25, Views: 790


Yasaman typeface, the creative vintage and minimalism of art nouveau style. Cool font for your any design projects, especially for your headline. tightly shapes, clear and calm!

Lemon Shake, a Heavy Brush Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 25-10-2017, 23:24, Views: 725


Lemon Shake is an inky brush script with super heavy downstrokes, and skinny loops and upstrokes. It was made with a watercolor brush and my favorite black liquid watercolor, and retains all of the gorgeous wobbly textured edges for an authentic inky look.

Zelda Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 25-10-2017, 23:22, Views: 717


»ZELDA«, my new font family is named after Zelda Fitzgerald, the »Flapper« wife of »Tender is the Night« F. Scott Fitzgerald. They really lived it up at the French Riviera. Despite Scott making money in bundles, being the best paid writer of his time, they spent so much that they were always broke. But the really tragic thing is, Scott thought of himself as a failed writer, he never believed that he actually was »the writer« of his period.

Neo Latina Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 25-10-2017, 23:21, Views: 886


Neo Latina is a classic sans serif typography in small caps of square proportions and rectilinear character with the ends of the rounded horns and a semi-stencil design that gives a futuristic aspect and of science fiction.