Lettering Script Font

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Lettering Script is a modern, hand-painted brushed font family for projects needing that effortless, yet convincingly hand-painted feel. Can be used for various purposes.such as headings, signature, logos, wedding invitation, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, lable, news, posters, badges etc.

Armour Font Family

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A typeface is the fabric of a Brand. It can elevate the words it is expressing, making great ideas even better. Armour Type was created for every form needed, from Light to Extra Bold, Condensed to Extended. Under Armour is expanding globally and requires a distinctive and unifying corporate typeface that supports all of the world’s major scripts to meet the wide diversity of user needs and systems. All of the typefaces and styles should be available in opentype, truetype with opentype features for PC and Mac. Armour (3003 Glyphs), Armour Condensed (544 Glyphs), and Armour Extended (544 Glyphs) was created by Dalton Maag and released April 2015.

Nudista Font Family

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Nudista is a monolinear, geometric sans-serif based on the proportions of the Purista typeface, released by Suitcase Type Foundry in 2007. This time, the forms are not based strictly on square shape, but rather on a pleasant oval, round shape. The letter outlines are smooth, even technicist, the geometric precision is however compensated in places where it would get in the way of legibility and compromise the desired visual impact. The face was originally conceived as a display type, but it is sufficiently legible even in text sizes. Thus, it suits short texts in corporate prints.

Veruttala Brushfont

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Veruttala is modern Brushfont, with modern Brush style, this font will perfect for many different project ex: quotes, logo, blog header, poster, wedding, banding, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc... 

Tanja Font Family

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Typefaces made from circles are an intriguing proposition for graphic designers. Many are created for technical reasons, such as for the dot matrix printers, or for large screens at sports events. Often they are simple sans serif forms, but Tanja is something unique; a Renaissance dot typeface. Based on the monolinear Marian 1554, Tanja began life as the proposed logo for a German publisher. Though the idea is simple, a seriffed dot typefaces, in its details it reveals a complexity as the dots vary gradually in size. Like Marian, it closely follows the historical models of Garamond and Granjon, but has a contemporary aesthethic, a remix of a remix of a classic. Designed as a display typeface for sizes above 30 point, it comes with various numeral styles, small capitals, swash letters and ligatures.

The Legend Font

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Retro/Vintage/Classic style custom font with regular and bold version. TTF, OTF and WOFF formats.

Monster Party Font

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Introducing Monster Party! A brushy and playful typeface inspired by monsters, retro comic book lettering and movie posters. This scratchy letters look like it came straight from the paw of a quite cute monster. Monster Party is perfect for Logos, Signage, Packaging T-shirts and Apparel, Mugs and Tots, Textile, Greeting cards, Invitations, Captions, Headers, Titles, Ads, Posters, Prints, Book Jackets, Quotes, Storefronts and much more!

Vaughan Handstylish Font

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Say hello for Vaughan Handstylish Font! Best match for logo, badge, packaging, headline, poster, t-shirt/apparel, greeting card, and wedding invitation. The flowing characters are ideal to make an attractive messages. I hope you have a blast using Vaughan Handstylish Font!

Liner Pro Font

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Liner pro is an improved version of my Liner font. The sans serif simple line font designed with rounded edges for UIUX, web and other design. It has ligatures for all letters. The font works great to make logos and short titles.

Lo-Res Font Family

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The Lo-Res family of fonts is a synthesis of pixelated designs, including Emigre’s earlier coarse resolution fonts, as well as bitmap representations of Base 9. It replaces the preexisting Emigre, Emperor, Oakland and Universal families and groups these related bitmap designs under one family name in the font menu, thereby simplifying their naming. The Lo-Res fonts also offer technical improvements, including a more complete character set, more consistent character shapes among styles and weights, as well as improved alignment among the various resolutions.