Tjikapoendoeng River + Extras

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Tjikapoendoeng River Font Family inspired by the famous river in Bandung, Indonesia. The river has been witness to West Java's history since prehistoric, first civilization of sundanese ,colonial era, and now. Being the main source of water in supporting the life of Braga village, this river has become the vein of Bandung.

Nizzoli Font Family

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This typeface is a tribute to well-known Italian designer Marcello Nizzoli. Nizzoli is a modern sans serif font that offers a wide range of alternatives—a workhorse type well suited for headlines, posters, corporate identity and advertising campaigns. This modular design is based on geometric shapes and combines straight lines with rounded corners.

Americus Script & Sans

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Americus Script & Sans was crafted by hand with love to traditional sign painting and american typography style in general. All characters have an imperfect shape that gives a natural look in design. It easily cooperating together and perfect for creating the traditional style logos, labels, package design, lettering for t-shirts and much others.

Bunday Slab Font Family

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The new Bunday™ Slab Font Family consist of three main states with different moods: the crisp and distinctive slab serif, the cute script styled italic and the matching upright italic (currently not available).

Bloomsky Typeface

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Bloomsky, with authentic dry brush imperfections, and a very bouncy baseline It has a perfectly paired complimentary marker font , and a super handy set of bonus Swash. Ideal for logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, header, poster, merchandise, social media & greeting cards.

Apollonius Font

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Apollonius is a high contrast, display typeface designed by Michael Parson. Packed with Opentype features, this single weight font offers a whole range of options that designers can explore and play with to create stunning layouts.

Oblige Font

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I’m super excited to release my first typeface called Oblige! It is a serif/stencil font with a clean and elegant feel. It is a great font that can be used for luxury brands, fashion advertisements and/or headlines. Oblige is a LOWER-CASE ONLY font that includes numbers and basic punctuation marks.

Brushability Font Family

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The Brushability is a brush-written font family that contains 9 fonts, all united by a brushy look. All fonts compliment each other perfectly and can be used either together or with many other brush-looking fonts on the market.

Classic Sans Font Family

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»Classic Sans« is the Mother of all »Sans« typefaces. Around 1880 Ferdinand Theinhardt designed this Grotesk for use in scientific publications. By designing his font for the »Royal-Prussian-Academy of Sciences in Berlin« Ferdinand Theinhardt received immediate acceptance and appraisal for his new typeface. His own foundry »Theinhardt Schriftgiesserei« published four weights. Five years later he sold his foundry to the »Brothers Mosig and Oskar Mommen«. In 1908 »Mosig and Mommen« was sold again. Check Wikipedia for details under Theinhardt.

Cry Wolf Font Family

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When I was a kid, I loved the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I thought it was pretty stupid of the boy to trick the villagers into believing wolves are attacking his flock of sheep. But I also thought it was a bit sad that the sheep are eaten by a wolf in the end. I didn’t really feel sorry for the boy (he really was stupid), nor the wolf (he just does what he is supposed to do in life), but I did feel sorry for those poor sheep. I guess this is what disinformation leads to in the end.