Subletter Script Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 29-03-2018, 22:11, Views: 636


Subletter Script is a casual script typeface with stylist style, clean, and great movement this typeface and allow you to make lettering and logotype quickly and easily. This typeface is inspired by brush lettering and sign painting that have strong styles and classy for using on project such as Logotype, Letterhead, Poster, Apparel Design, Label and etc.

Zesta Font Family

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Zesta is a family of high-contrast serif fonts, intended for use in display typography. Their design is modern, or ‘Didone’ in style, meaning that its letterforms look like those used in France during the revolutionary, imperial, and restoration eras (late-1700s/early-1800s). This style of type is instantly associated with fashion and design for high-end cosmetic products. It is also used extensively in magazine design.

Horseman Font Duo

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Horseman Font Duo is handmade vintage script monoline and sans-serif inspired by classic western culture and combining with vintage touch. These two fonts would be perfect to combine in your design, especially on vintage design. This fonts are great for logotype, badges, clothing, poster, and much more. This fonts comes with opentype and truetype features also many alternative style to improve your design.

Heimdal - Futuristic Font Family

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Introducing HEIMDAL! a new sans serif font with 8 fonts in 1 family, inspired from traditional minimalist sign. HEIMDAL is a modern, futuristic, minimal and clean. With upper & lower case characters, numbers, and punctuation. This font makes way for the creativity of each and every one. HEIMDAL is great for creating eye-catching headlines, logo, applicable for any type of graphic design web, print, motion graphics, perfect for poster/flyer, branding, packaging, pictograms, etc.

Hangbird Font

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Hangbird is a modern brush script with lots of alternate characters, swashes and underlines. It is very versatile and has many options for customization. You can build up words and phrases that suits your specific needs and liking. That makes Hangbird a good choice for logos, titles and lettering pieces.

Wall Hunter - Graffiti Tag Fonts

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Wall Hunter is an graffiti tag font, using digital marker in wild style of hip hop culture. dedicate and inspirated by street art artist over the world.

Skog Sans Font Family

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Skog Sans is an angular sans serif type family of five styles. Stylistically most likely an "endbetonte Endstrichlose”. A sans with angles and edges meant for striking headlines and branding purposes.

Madera Font Family

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Malou Verlomme designed Madera with graphic designers in mind – drawing on his decade of experience designing bespoke type to create a versatile, easy-to- use geometric sans serif that ticks off a long list of branding requirements. Its sharp apexes add some flavour to the design, which offers an honest, trustworthy tone of voice – but with a twist. "The design doesn’t go out of its way to attract attention, but is still very solid,” explains Verlomme. "It still has a fair amount of warmth and personality, in a very understated manner. If you’re a large corporation, with a typeface being used in many different environments, you want something that’s easy to use but can sustain such a large amount of visibility.”

Patrima Font Family

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Patrima is a contemporary typeface with roots in the past. Specifically in the late nineteen hundreds where decorative type applications were en vogue and dimensional aspects and shadings where heavily used. Patrima takes simplified cues from these designs to make the typeface contemporary and versatile. Its base is a squarish Sans which expands through diagonal hatching to a three dimensional body. The hatching is wide enough for screen applications down to 24pt while remaining detailed for decorative purposes in larger sizes.

Intervogue Font Family

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Released by Intertype in the 1930’s, Vogue was a geometric sans serif rival to Futura and Kabel. Vogue had many unique quirks such as its distinctive G, that striking Q with a vertical tail, and many others. Almost ninety years later there has been no decent digital revival of this wonderful typeface... until now. Intervogue brings this classic to life in the modern age. Seven weights complete with true obliques and an alternate cut give Intervogue the versatility to be a true workhorse.