Handmaid SVG + Solid Font

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Introducing Handmaid, the debut handmade font from Pink House Press! Please note: you must have Photoshop CC 2017 and/or Illustrator CC 2018 (or newer) to access the textured (SVG) version of Handmaid! If you don't have the compatible software, I've also included a transparent image file of each character so you can piece letters together manually using your preferred software.

Nominee Font Family

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Nominee is a cinematic font family made up of 11 weights, 3 widths, and matching italics, that equates to a substantial 66 font styles that feel individually crafted but also part of a larger structured system.

Delichia Font Family

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Delichia Font is a pairing of a bold connected script that moves in clean, sweeping dramatic gestures and rounded sans typeface. Inspired by the smell of a bakery, this font is a perfect ingredient to make your design look tasteful.

Fino Sans Font Family

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Tall, stately, and refined, with a showy contrast between thick and thin, a certain kind of titling Didone has become synonymous with fashion. Ermin Međedovićís latest type system amplifies the most theatrical aspects of this genre while bringing an uncommon flexibility of style and variation to any type palette ó particularly those required for editorial design.

Good Day Font Family

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Welcome my new hand lettered, cute and decorative font Good Day. The font family includes two fonts Ė Regular and Italic Ė both with Latin multilingual uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and basic punctuation. With so many stylistic alternates and swashes itís easy to create cute designs and signs for wedding branding, quotes, ads, logos, prints, social media texts, blogs, and so much more.

Neo Zapeline - 3 Fonts Combination

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This type is inspired by Classical Modern concept combine with contemporary design. With a sexy font combining script, sans serif, and serif to create a perfect classic design. Neo Zapeline come with beautiful uppercase and lowercase, stylistic set, alternates, swashes, multilingual, etc.

Query Font Family

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The most modern gothic. Query was born out of a lineage of experimentation and developing a voice within type. I wanted this typeface to have a strong personality but also give room for legibility. The typeface was inspired from people like Karl Heinz, to Hamiltonís Class L fonts, and even civil rights posters from 1968. My original intent was to make a single font that transformed the spirit of woodtype, but done in my voice today.

Yoshida Sans Font Family

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Yoshida is a modern sans serif made up of 2 widths, 8 weights and their matching italics offering an array of uses and applications with itís 32 styles. The weights range from a delicate Thin, to a punchy Black that is perfect for branding or headlines.

Rainfed Script Font

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This font is ideal for branding and decorate your any project, are perfect for wedding invitation or your blog. Also with their help, you can create a logo or beautiful frame for your home. Or just use for your small business, book covers, stationery, marketing, magazines and more. Special for you I prepared a lot alternates, swashs and ligatures.

Vin Slab Pro Font Family

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Vin (translated from Ukrainian as "heĒ) is a superfamily consisting of three robust typefaces with pronounced vertical stems and rounded corners. All three typefaces feature very large x-height for even more expression and assertiveness.