Supreme Spirit Fonts + SVG

Category: Fonts, Date: 2-10-2018, 15:07, Views: 324


In this project which has been done by using the new font technology, here is the ultra hd SVG typefont that is hand painted in order to make you keep the natural and realistic aesthetic understanding like an artist during your own works.

Wozniak Font Family

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Wozniak is a workhorse sanserif typeface in 16 styles that includes a 16 styles display font on itself. On its default shapes brings a modern, clear and bright personality to the text and a wide range of possibilities by supporting many OpenType features, such as oldstyle, lining & tabular numbers, small caps, inferiors & superiors, discretionary ligatures, numerators & denominators, extended fractions, case sensitivity forms and more, all carefully crafted and balanced for excellent legibility and optimum performance both on screen and on paper.

Zoltana Typeface

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Zoltana is a lively decorative typeface family designed for elaborate titling or text layouts, with an elaborate form and filled with delicate details, this font aims to grab attention and fill the viewer with a sense of wonder. Thanks to an extensive glyph palette, this single typeface offers a range of letterforms through alternate letters. small capitals, ligatures or swash letters and includes a selection of typographic fleurons that can be used in the layouts or individually.

Arthura Font Family

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Arthura is a sans serif font family with subtle reverse contrast, particularly visible in its ultra bold ‘Black’ style. Six weights plus matching italics. Simple geometry and with humanist nuance that adds warmth. It’s a perfect choice for branding, magazines, posters, advertising, packaging, headlines, logos, web, print etc.

City Streetwear Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 2-10-2018, 15:01, Views: 277


City Streetwear is a sophisticated signature collection that includes four script weights and plenty of ligatures.

MADE Canvas Serif Fonts

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MADE Canvas is a family of high-contrast serif fonts. Canvas is a modern style "Didoni". The typefamily includes 3 weights - Light, Regular and Black. The hairlines in all of the fonts are very thin.

Subversia - Victorian Style Font

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Inspired from sport and Victorian style. Designed with elegant and solid shapes to give modern touch. Very suitable for your designs such like poster, flyer, t-shirt, logo, vintage logo, logotype, signage, branding, magazine even body text!

dT Ampla Font Family

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dT Ampla shares many characteristics of the versatile sans typefaces of today: nice range of five weights with matching italics, 40+ supported languages, contemporary upper-to-lowercase proportions and impeccable performance in big and text sizes.

Larizo Script Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 2-10-2018, 14:53, Views: 201


Introducing, Larizo Script. A truly personalized handmade lettering that transformed into a font! This font has unique character and flow feel which is perfect to use in logotype / wordmark, badge, sign board, poster, headline text, apparel, wedding invitation, etc. This font has many opentype features like ligature, stylistic alternate, contextual alternate, swash, etc and support multi language. You will also get ready made logo templates and icons in beach theme!

Mynaruse Flare Font Family

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Mynaruse Flare is a new version of the Mynaruse superfamily. This version eliminates the elongated serifs of the original, and instead stems end with a flare. You will find that the thinner weights are delicate and beautiful, while the heavier weights provide impact and strength. Mynaruse is inspired by the elegant and regal Roman inscriptional types. The face shines in environments that require elegance and splendor. The eight weights of Mynaruse flare range from a subtle, delicate thin to a heavy and powerful Black weight.