Harbour - Classic Blackletter Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 23-11-2018, 13:32, Views: 975


I'm very excited to release HARBOUR. Harbour is a classic Blackletter Typeface comes with 4 styles: Regular, Decorated, Roughen and Lined. Inspired by hand lettering 19th Century. Harbour blackletter font family will perfect for Logos, Signage, Apparel, Headlines, Etc. Multilingual. All European Characters Included.

Ekster Font Family

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Ekster is a geometric sans serif typeface from the Parisian designer Ilya Naumoff. Many of its letters are simplified; you’ll find several places in the typeface where the connection of bowls to stems isn’t fussy, for example, and horizontal strokes – like those in the ‘f’ and the ’t’ along the x-height – don’t bisect their letters’ main vertical stems (but populate the left-hand side only instead).

Gibrael Script Font

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Gibrael is truly a perfect script for any project that's need delicate typeface such as custom name, greeting card, create logos, etc. A handy font for tattoo designer and artsy creative people! It's a beautiful, elegant, clean and unique typeface you need to have! Contains over 600 glyphs, it has many alternate characters so you can make a beautiful decorative type easily.

Mafia Font

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This is a classic MAFIA font and is inspired by mafia movies of journey. MAFIA is a hand-crafted font, inspired too by classic poster and classic novel book cover, I mix with extras watercolor and vintage icon vector.

Sidecar Font Family

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Sidecar is an elegant monoline font family of four weights of Script and Sans. Sidecar Script and Sans are designed to play together but they also work great on their own.

Galix Font Family

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Galix is a technical sans designed to look futuristic without any of the retro appearance often found in this genre. It has a squarish, slightly condensed anatomy, and is characterized by thin joints and deep ink traps that add a sparkle to the otherwise monoline typeface. In the italic styles, these cuts are accentuated even more which creates a feeling of speed in the letterforms.

Ballinger Font Family

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Ballinger began life as a single-weight proprietary typeface called baasic, designed for Dublin-based design office aad. baasic was intended as a plain, hardworking grotesque: a simple tool for clear communication. We’ve developed it into a fully-featured eight-weight family with matching italics. Sources include early 20th century jobbing sanses like Morris Benton’s News Gothic and Candia, a 70s-era typewriter face Josef Müller-Brockmann designed for Olivetti, which had unusually deep junctures that added energy to letters like m and n.

Qintan Script Font

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Qintan Script Inspired by urban, streetwear and vintage made with love handlettering style. Ideal for branding, logos, handwriting quotes, product packaging, headers, posters, merchandise, social media Books / Cover titles, special events, etc.

Holden Font Family

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Holden is a typeface family designed in 2018 for Zetafonts by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini with Andrea Tartarelli as a research in texture and extreme weight range.

Muara Typeface

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Muara a typeface classic taste, very suitable as to make a design choice for books, magazines, packaging, branding , signage and more other creative project. Allcaps characters, with over 330 glyphs MUARA's also has alternative characters such as Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Set, and Swash variant.