Majesty Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 9-12-2018, 23:11, Views: 303


Majesty is a refined and elegant incised serif typeface designed to convey a sense of drama with any implementation of it. However, Majesty’s austerity is softened by the inherent familiarity of its letterforms. Having being inspired by classic engraved type, it has the echoes of familiar stone inscriptions over the centuries embodied within this 7-font type family.

Cagliari Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 9-12-2018, 23:09, Views: 276


An elegant, stylish and easy-to-use typeface. Just as a nice hat makes you look good, Cagliari brings beauty to your designs—through the traditional flavor of Didone faces, and the simplicity of Modern and neo-Grotesk fonts.

Revalate - Stylistic Sans Serif

Category: Fonts, Date: 9-12-2018, 23:08, Views: 228


REVALATE is a stylistic display sans serif typeface. All alphabet of this typeface is uppercase (allcaps) and each alphabet have 4 - 20 alternate.

Qualion Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 9-12-2018, 23:06, Views: 346


Qualion™ is a modern geometric grotesk typeface with humanist and calligraphic inspirations. The base of design is a minimal geometric sans serif with subtle humanist touches. Letter shapes are crafted with the highest care for beautiful proportions and excellent legibility.

Rizado Script Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 9-12-2018, 23:04, Views: 196


Rizado Script is a classy one-weight script typeface, made with "dolce vita” in mind. Its high contrast and pointy tone are recalling the fine nib handwriting of a meticulous and decisive person that hasn’t got free time to spare but surely knows how to enjoy his life. No quick and dry strokes, but rather wide, elegant and strong-minded temper that will bring a long-lasting touch to your packaging layouts.

Nuber Next Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 9-12-2018, 23:03, Views: 260


Nuber Next is a modern geometric sans influenced by the popular neo-grotesques of the 1950s including Helvetica and Univers. Carefully remastered from the original Nuber type family to improve letter shape, overall uniformity and introduce a flexible width system capable of handling a wider variety of modern typographic methods.

Aesthetic Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 9-12-2018, 23:00, Views: 237


Aesthetic Typeface is handmade vintage lettering, which is combining modern and classic typography with some awesome features.

Silver Lake Script Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 9-12-2018, 22:58, Views: 200


Hello dears! I continue to experiment with the thickness of the line and I think it turns out very interesting and unusual :)

Pressio Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 9-12-2018, 22:56, Views: 275


Pressio is a study in doing things backwards. We began with the weight that’s usually drawn last: the ultra-compressed black. This was squashed down vertically in increments to make the compressed, condensed, and regular widths, then hollowed like a dugout canoe to produce the lighter weights.

Litmus Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 9-12-2018, 22:54, Views: 324


Litmus is the newest typeface from ITF founder Satya Rajpurohit. It is a slightly condensed humanist sans serif design, with a tall x-height and strokes that end with either horizontal or vertical terminals, instead of diagonals.