Voguer - Fashion & Wedding Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-12-2018, 15:53, Views: 516


Voguer is an elegant high-contrast serif font inspired by the fashion glossy magazines typography. It perfectly represents modern and vintage esthetics. The font includes special uppercase letters, alternate characters and beautiful ligatures. You may combine uppercase and smallcase in the text body, as you want. The font is perfect for wedding elegant invitation cards, beauty and fashion package design.

Mongoose Font Family

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Mongoose is a condensed sans serif, made for posters, headlines and logotypes. Caps and x-height were made to match the ultra wide Briller, so it could be fun to combine these two highly contrasting type families. Thanks to the OpenType features, figures come in both tabular and proportional widths, fractions and superior/inferior positions.

Bellastory - Brush Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-12-2018, 15:44, Views: 277


Bellastory is a font that is intentionally made with a rough brush, so that it has a perfect scratch character.

Starlit Drive Signature Font

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Get your aviators on and hit the road with Starlit Drive - a fast paced, stylish signature font with a retro edge. With swift strokes and authentic dry textures, it's an irresistibly charismatic & confident font choice for a range of design projects.

Rail Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-12-2018, 15:39, Views: 223


Rail is the best conveyance mechanism for your written communication. Precision, innovation and experience are the main foundation for this grandeur slab serif. Itís designed to provide great comfort and reduce any possible friction for your eyes. Itís highly recommended for complex typography projects like magazines and annual reports as well as for signs, headers and other inscriptions.

The Wedding Script Font

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To be like a pro spencerian calligrapher now is easier with The WEDDING Script. The Wedding script is a high-quality font-family with more then 2000 glyphs.

Innova - Thin All Caps Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-12-2018, 15:36, Views: 190


Innova is a thin line all caps style inspired display font that is perfect for short strong modern words for tech genre or innovation related themes, the file includes .OTF format. It comes with 215 glyphs + some international characters for multiple language support.

Franca Font Family

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Franca is a neo-grotesk family in nine weights plus matching italics. The inspiration for the design came through the constant interest in new interpretations of the classic grotesk model and a study of "neutral" typefaces like Helvetica, Univers or Normal Grotesk.

Rajomon - Dry Brush Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 18-12-2018, 15:32, Views: 168


Introducing Rajomon the hand drawn script made with dry brush. All European languages are in. More of all there are initial, final and alternative letters for making your lettering on a high level as a peak of the rock!

Shapiro Font Family

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On the basis of the classical form, Shapiro meets all the requirements that are placed on a good font, such as good readability, a sympathetic overall impression, as well as a balanced gray-effect.