Adventures Unlimited Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 20-01-2019, 18:39, Views: 344


Please welcome a new contemporary font family Adventures Unlimited: an adventurous pair of ultra condensed sans serif and a monoline signature script. Both fonts are charged with ligatures and swashes and will make your design journey even more enjoyable!

Poptis & Heaver Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 20-01-2019, 18:37, Views: 185


The combination of two different font styles 'script and sans' .Poptis font available in Regular, Bold, and Rough version as a choice to mix and match your design. This script font comes with multiple alternates that will make your words look like a custom lettering. With additional Heaver font you will be able to create the beautiful combination. Both of these font is great for Logos, Lettering, Clothing Design, Poster, Label, Quotes, etc.

BF Rotwang Pro Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 20-01-2019, 18:35, Views: 184


The BF Rotwang™ Pro is a contemporary new edition and re-design of an formerly design by Guido Schneider. Named after the C.L. Rotwang, the inventor of the Mensch-Maschine from the film Metropolis (1925/1926), BF Rotwang plays with the character traits of high-contrast transitional serif typefaces and Didone-style typefaces.

Empathy SVG Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 20-01-2019, 18:33, Views: 172


Empathy SVG Font preserves all the high definition detail of the original handwritten letters. Using OpenType-SVG technology it truly looks realistic. The OpenType-SVG format requires Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 (or newer). Regular OTF format is also included.

Conserta Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 20-01-2019, 18:32, Views: 169


Inspired by the vintage label and packaging design, we do a very fun research about the typeworks in the old era. We drown too deep in every single reference that we found. Super mesmerized with how each letters flow so uniquely in every brand’s packaging display.

CF Santiago Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 20-01-2019, 18:30, Views: 179


This alphabet has only capital and small caps. With several alternative characters (A, R, Y) in different style groups. The capitals are even more flexible, with alternatives for Uncial inspiration. In addition to ligatures symbols and various groups of numbers.

Justice Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 20-01-2019, 18:28, Views: 171


Rough monospace type with cowboy boots: Here is Justice! Initially designed in 2004, Justice has been totally rethought in 2017 for the visual identity of Ceinturama. For this new version the fixed-width principle has been used to turn this typeface into a kind of construction game.

Yellow Pen Script

Category: Fonts, Date: 20-01-2019, 18:26, Views: 213


Introducing the Yellow Pen script, a font that is very fresh and unique style handmade + bonus font, Night in Kansas for your project. Yellow Pen script is perfectly suited to logo, stationery, poster, apparel, branding, wedding invitation, card, tagline, layout design, and much more!

Cardinal - Italic Script Trio

Category: Fonts, Date: 20-01-2019, 18:25, Views: 193


Cardinal is professional font-family by BlessedPrint that imitates italic handwritten calligraphy. If you are looking for a traditional italic script and plenty of elegant swashes with swirls than you are on the right place! Cardinal script was drawn with a real nib using china ink, high-quality paper. After that it was carefully scanned and finally implemented into the font. Cardinal italic consists of 2400+ glyphs!

Mohol Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 20-01-2019, 18:23, Views: 200


Mohol is an experimental high-contrast sans serif typeface. The project started with Áron Jancsó’s question: "What is the best way to design a sans serif, mono-linear typeface with an old classical tool, like a broad nib pen?”.