Mollen Font Family

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Mollen is sans serif font family that designed to be functional. Each glyphs are shaped by geometrical form with specific visual structure: Simple and clean form with low contrast stroke, rounded 'o' in the normal width, mix diagonal and straight cuts on terminals and finials. Low capitals, with flat top and low descenders. With this personality, Mollen meant be fit for modern, contemporary and technological nuance.

Fonseca - Modern Sans Serif Typeface

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Fonseca is a modern sans serif inspired by art deco and typography poster in early 20th century. The key of this all caps family is simple straight geometric forms and modernized letterforms.

Boardwalk Avenue Font Family

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Boardwalk Avenue is an elegant type collection of three styles and two weights of each. It’s divided into Boardwalk Pen, Boardwalk Antiqua and Boardwalk Serif. Boardwalk Avenue’s core is a connected mono linear script that works fantastic when paired with either of the impressive serif styles. All the fonts work great on their own but try putting them all together for a complete display font setup for a project.

Rand Mono Font Family

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Following the release of Plain (2014) and Apax (2016), we launched Rand (2019) to conclude this trilogy dedicated to Rappo’s research of the grotesque genre. As Plain investigated the rational simplicity of modernism and Apax re-evaluated the visual grammar of constructivism; Rand explores the shapes that brought a certain spirit and warmth to the rigidity of modern design — emerging notably from The New York School.

Lordish Font

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If you're looking for a font to create a tattoo design, Lordish is the answer. Lordish has a unique design unlike most other blackletter font designs. Good for display font, tattoo font or other styles. You can also use it to design logos, album covers, posters, and much more.

Oddlini Font Family

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Inside my head, there are a number of forms of Sans Serif typefaces, and I cannot put aside any single one of them. Even if they were in the way of the reading process, I still think they form splendid letters. For me, when I hear for example "Sans Serif", then immediately Helvetica comes to my mind, even though I don't think that it is the best Sans Serif out there. Of course it is a great typeface, but I believe that one should not be fixated on the association of Sans Serif = Helvetica. It is just that Sans Serif goes hand in hand with Helvetica after all, and I don't think it is exaggerated to say that everyone throughout the world would agree.

Lyyra Font Family

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Lyyra is a typeface with a radical aesthetic that alternates between the organic and the mechanical. The design incorporates diverse references from various points in history and yet is unmistakably rooted in the present.

Carmen Sans Font Family

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Carmen Sans is a Geometric Sans that expresses modern vigor based on simplicity and clarity. The Hangul font is designed to deliver the same tone as the Latin font with its light curvature and structure, and it is suitable for display purposes by arranging letter heights between the two character sets.

Lucifer Sans Font Family

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Lucifer Sans is a modern sans serif font rooted in Scandinavian geometry and minimalism, mixed with a healthy dose of black metal and irreverent attitude. Harsh vertical cuts and angles throughout the font creates a very strict and hard look, that can either be amplified or loosened up through its stylistic sets. 

Copperplate New Font Family

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Imagine America in the 1930s. A gangster flick with Al Capone, a crime novel featuring Philip Marlowe. Our hero in a fedora sits in a classy bar, orders a double bourbon, lights a cigar and eyes the evening paper. He turns the pages, reading about a bank heist over on Third Avenue, a scandal involving a baseball player, a small ad for a general practitioner and a large spread about a famous law firm. What do the bottle of booze and the majestic facade of the bank have in common? The elegant baseball uniform and trustworthy attorneys?