FUNKY PAINTER Photoshop Creative Kit

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 27-06-2017, 22:16, Views: 1248


 With this set, you can do amazingly creative work with a realistic imitation of oil paint and the frescoes on the canvas or on the wall. Just imagine what amazing headlines, greeting cards, and posters you can do in just a few minutes!

325+ Blogger Photoshop Bundle

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 23-05-2017, 01:53, Views: 1035


325+ User Friendly Blogger Photoshop ACRS & Actions for Fashion, Portraits, Street Photography, Food, Products, Editorial, and Modern Photography.

Jumbo Glyph Icons Pack

Category: Vector Graphics, Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 19-05-2017, 00:36, Views: 1562


We are excited to launch our exclusive collection of glyph icons that will make your web, print and mobile apps designs look smashing. Jumbo Glyph Icons pack provides you with a range of customized icons that match perfectly to appear like a part of your original designs. You will find these icons simple yet elegant.

RH Dynamic Swatch MS

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 23-04-2017, 14:25, Views: 1004


The Dynamic Swatches MS extension for Adobe Photoshop CC instantly and automatically generates nearby color swatches according to your preferences.
When painting, color picking from the canvas is standard workflow. But the fluidity is broken when you need a variation of a color not already on the image. Perhaps you want a more saturated version, a brighter version, warmer, colder etc.

7560 in 1 - Graphic Bundle

Category: Fonts, Vector Graphics, Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 30-03-2017, 01:19, Views: 1816


This deal includes about 7560 items. It's Watercolor Elements, Marker Elements, Illustrations, Objects, Patterns, Textures and 24 Fonts. This is absolutely new huge bundle. This bundle combines a completely different items, but which are perfectly combined with each other. You have plenty of opportunities to create a logo or invitation, poster or branding, postcard or business card. You can make a custom design yourself.

Botanical Bundle v2

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 16-03-2017, 00:31, Views: 1132


The Botanical Bundle v2 is a new collection of 100 isolated trees and plants. These are real plants derived from photos, not generated in a 3D application. Each plant is on a transparent background, saved in .png format.

DoubleUSM 2 for Photoshop

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 11-03-2017, 01:46, Views: 1323



Double USM for Photoshop:

➤ Independent control for Dark and Light halos in a newly engineered Sharpening plugin.
➤ Set double values for Amount (intensity), Radius (thickness), and Threshold (noise reduction).
➤ Precisely target Traditional Sharpening, HiRaLoAm (High Radius, Low Amount – to boost local contrast) and Creative Sharpening.
➤ Tonal Range Protection for Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows.
➤ Advanced Preview modes.
➤ Presets management.
Double USM 2 is a Photoshop Panel, that drives a C++ plugin, processing the image with 32bits precision. It supports 8bit, 16bit and 32bit (HDR) images.
It requires Adobe Photoshop from version CC up to CC 2017, both Mac and PC (not CS6, sorry).

1300 Logos Ultimate Megabundle

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 9-03-2017, 23:19, Views: 1381


We are very excited to present our entire and most complete logo templates collection so far! A lot of work went in creating this bundle and we did our best to make it as diverse as possible! This bundle includes a big variety of templates that will cover any past or future trend! Included are retro logos, vintage logos, minimal logos, modern logos, feminine logos, typography logos, herladic crests, badges, insignias, monograms and more! The logos from this bundle can be used for just about anything from making a logo for yiour brand to creating awesome prints that you can use for your company or for sale!

Product Features:
➤ 1300+ Logo Templates
➤ PSD Editable Files (for Photoshop)
➤ AI Editable Files (for Illustrator)
➤ EPS Files - editable
➤ Vector elements - vectors in Illustrator and shapes in Photohop
➤ Editable Text - free or free for personal use fonts
➤ Layered and well organised
➤ Well organised files in folders - Preview images included for all sets
➤ Easy to modify, edit, re-size and color without the loss of quality or resolution. 100% vector shapes editable in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Product Highlights:
➤ More than 350 vintage and retro logos
➤ More than 100 retro badges
➤ More than 100 typography logos
➤ More than 50 heraldic crest logos
➤ 200 minimalistic & modern logos
➤ 250 feminine logos
➤ 100 geometric logos
➤ 150 travelling theme logos
➤ BONUS icons and textures in 3 of the sets

Smoke Toolkit

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 5-03-2017, 23:24, Views: 1255


If you’re looking for a ton of smoke effects, shapes, brushes, patterns or backgrounds for your new project then this bundle is just the thing you’re looking for. Contains 120 smoke transparent PNG images, 120 brushes in Photoshop ABR file, 24 patterns in JPG & Photoshop PAT file and 5 layered PSD templates. With these Photoshop templates you can create your own smoke effects for your photos, presentations, ads or flyers in seconds! And with 120 shapes and brushes you have unlimited options :)

With this deal you get:
➤ 120 smoke shapes in transparent PNG format (size of shapes are around 2500 pixels)
➤ 120 smoke brushes in ABR format (size of brushes are around 2500 pixels)
➤ 24 smoke patterns in PAT & JPG format (size of patterns are 1000x1000 pixels)
➤ 24 smoke backgrounds in JPG format (5184x1000 pixels)
➤ 5 smoke effects templates in layered PSD format (4500x3456 pixels)

350 Gold & Metallic Textures Bundle

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 20-02-2017, 01:13, Views: 1434


A great collection of 350 amazing gold and metallic textures! Perfect if your next project requires some awesome foil or glitter! All textures, including the bonus paper ones have a resolution of 4500x3500px 300dpi which makes them perfect for prints too!
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