Jumbo Glyph Icons Pack

Category: Vector Graphics, Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 19-05-2017, 00:36, Views: 1563


Why Jumbo Glyph Icons Pack are a special collection?
Scalability: All these icons are totally scalable, while providing you with the edge to reduce or increase the size without impacting the Graphics quality.
No Platform Restriction: Jumbo Glyph icons bundle can be used on all types of platforms including iOS, Android, Websites and several others. You can select freely from the variety of icons without limiting your choice.
Streamlined Workflow: These icons have been designed very neatly with organized filing i.e. all files are placed in separate folders with clear naming.
Handcrafted Symbols Collection: We have a complete range of handcrafted symbols that can be used invariably in digital and print designs.

What does the Pack Include?
➤ Download Icons bundle of 1500 pixel perfect highly detailed vector icons in 8 formats
➤ Separate Adobe Illustrator (AI) files for all categories
➤ Separate EPS files for all categories
➤ Separate Adobe Photoshop files (PSD) files for all categories
➤ Isolated PNG files in 5 sizes (32px, 64px, 128px, 256px, 512px)
➤ Isolated SVG files
➤ Adobe Photoshop Brushes, ABR files to use these icons as flat patterns and styles
➤ Adobe Photoshop Custom Shapes, CSH files to edit vector nodes and colors with styles preciously
➤ Fonts (TTF, WOFF and EOT) to use as web fonts
- Animals & Birds Ant, Bear, Bee, Birds in love, Buffalo, Butterfly, Cat, Cock, Love Birds, Cow, Crow, Dog, Dolphin, Dove, Duck, Elephant, Fish, Flamingo, Giraffe, Gold Fish, Humming Bird, Jaguar, Kiwi, Ladybird, Lobster, Monkey, Newly hatched Chicken, Owl, Panda, Parrot, Penguin, Sea Horse, Sea Lion, Shark, Shrimp, Snake, Sparrow, Starfish, Stork with baby, Swamp deer, Deer, Toucan, Vulture, White Ibis, Wolf.

- Arrows Arrow right circle, Ascendant arrow, Back arrow, Back arrows, Backspace arrow, Crossroad, Cursor arrow, Diagonal resize, Down arrow, Down thin arrowheads, Download, Drag, Expand Arrows, Fast forward, Flow arrows, Left, Left down arrow curve, Next, Passenger rights, Play arrow, Previous, Recycle Arrows, Redo arrow, Refresh Curve Arrows, Refresh round Arrows, Return arrow, Retweet arrows, Right arrow, Right thin arrowheads, Shuffle arrows, Split call arrows, Touch screen pinch, Two circling arrows, Two-way arrows, Undo arrow, Up arrow, Update arrow.

- Art & Craft Art painting roller, Artist Tools, Artist, Circular ribbon, Circular, Circus, Colour picker, Compass, Eraser, Fountain pen, Fragrance, Landscape picture, Mask, Origami crane, Paint board and brush, Paint board, Paint Colour palette, Paint drop, Paint easel outline artistic tool, Paint palette and brush, Paint spray, Paint swatch, Paintbrush, Paintbrush design tool interface, Painter palette and brush, Painter palette doodle, Painting palette with one colour, Palette of a painter, Papers, Pencil, Pencil and ruler, Photo film roll, Polaroid photograph, Ribbon tie, Scale, Scissor, Star, Tip pen diagonal, Tip pen, Vector nodes.

- Buildings Monuments, Residential Buildings, Commercial Plaza, Storage, Flats, Rentals, Real Estates.

- Business Bar chart, Break, Briefing, Business dress, Business presentation, Businessmen salutation standing, CEO, Chart of columns, Chat room, Checked clipboard, Coins stack, Conference hall, Creative campaigns, Credit card, Customer support, CV database, CV, Document and briefcase, Dollar coins, Dollar paper, Earning online, Email, Employee, Family insurance, Finance, Finances stats bars, Girl and chair, Globe grid, Hiring sign, Increasing stocks, Line chart, Meeting, Men exchanging symbol, Money bag, Performance marketing graph, Pie chart, Price tag, Reinvestment, Save CV, Saving a dollar coin, Search people, Statistics, Talking by phone auricular, Target, Team, Wallet.

- Cinema 3 dimension screen, 3d glasses for cinema, CCTV, Cinema cashier selling food, Cinema chair with food, Cinema clapperboard, Cinema film reel, Cinema seat, Cinema ticket counter, Cinema video player, Clapperboard for numbering, Decoration, Digital camera, Director chair frontal view, Directors chair, Film camera, Film negatives, Film roll, Film strip, Film strip rounded square, Mask, Movie clapper open, Movie clapper tool to number filming, Movie film, Movie with play icon, Multimedia projector, Oscars movie award, Projector view, Purchase tickets, Reporter camera, Star, Starting the film at the movie, Theater or cinema, Ticket, Tickets, Video camera, Video camera side view, Video presentation window, Vintage cinema camera looking, Vintage cinema camera, Web camera settings.

- Commerce Bar-code, Box package with checklist, Clipboard with pencil, Coin stack, Coin, Coins stacked on a hand palm, Computer mouse, Credit card front and back view, Credit card, Discount label, Discount tag, Discover credit card, Dollar bills, Euro tag, Female and male, Female shopping, Full shopping cart, Laptop, Locked card, Man with stacked boxes on shopping cart, Master Card, Money bag with dollar sign, New product sticker, Offer label, Online Shopping, Package for delivery, PayPal card, Piggy bank with dollar coins, Piggy bank, Precious stone shape from side, Rising bar graph with arrow up, Sales tag, Shop store frontal building, Shop tag, Shopping bag, Shopping bags, Shopping basket, Shopping cart, Shopping purse, Visa credit card, Wallet, Waving dollar bill.
- Controls Media Player Controls / Game Controls / PS-4 Controls / XBOX 360 Controls / Pinch / Gestures / Remote Control / Speed Control, Nintendo Controller, Atari Controller, Voice Controller, Backward arrows couple, Call button, Click gesture, Command up and down, Dream-cast control for games, Enlarge touch screen, Equalization circular button, Euro currency security shield, Forward arrows couple pointing, Four fingers tap hand gesture, Four PS games controls, Game control tool, Game controller, Game-pad, Game-pad with button, Game-pad with buttons, Game-pad with joystick, Games control tools, Heart Backward Track, Heart fast forward button, Heart Power on semicircle, Joystick game control, Line Button, Media satellite dish with signal, Music Player Settings, Nintendo games console, Pause button, Play pause button, Play rounded button, Previous Track, PS3 wireless game control, Push all fingers to slide, Push all fingers, Push one finger and twist back, Rewind circular button, Speedometer, Stop player button, Tap hold gesture symbol of one finger, TV remote, Vibration game control tool, Vintage Joystick, Volume control button, Wii games control tool, Wii games control, Xbox 360 wireless game control, Xbox one full battery games control, Yen money security, YouTube play button.

- Education & School Bachelors, Bag, Basketball, Book cover closed, Book with bookmark, Book with magnifying glass, Book with marker, Books stack of three, Calculator, Calendar, Certificate, Class board, Class presentation, Clock, Colour palette with art brush, Compass, Computer PC tower and monitor, Degree, Discussion, Drawing pencil, Educative books, Female university graduate, Graduate cap, Graduate, Head with gears education interface, Instructor, Intelligence, kindergarten, Magnifier, Male university graduate, Marker, Mind gears, Online Class, Open book cover, Pencil and ruler forming a cross, Photocopier machine, Presentation, School Bag, School Building, School Bus, Search from book, Student sleeping in class, Students couple full body view, Students in class, Students, Test tubes, Test.

- Fashion Baseball cap, Beauty Products, Christmas Santa hat, Clothes hanger, Cowboy hat variant, Diamond engagement ring, Female Dress, Formal stilettos, Gemstone Store, Handbag, Hat, High Heels, Ice cream on a cone, Investment Purse, Jacket elegant feminine, Jacket, Jewelry Stone, Long rings, Make up brushes for blush and lipstick, Mannequin with stand, Mascara eye makeup, Medal with star, Mustache and top hat, Obscure Glasses, Old Fashion Briefcase, Pant, Pearl necklace with diamond pendant,, Perfume bottle with sprayer, Perfume, Plump lips with gloss, Portfolio, Protection gloves, Rounded glasses, Santa hat, Shopping Bag, Shorts, Store Mannequin, Stylish stiletto heels, Suit and tie outfit,, Suitcase, Wedding Bow Tie, Wedding rings, Women purse, Women Top.

- Food Barbecue, Beer, Beverage - Whiskey, Brown bread, Burger with cold drink, Burger, Carrot, Chef hat, Chef, Cocktail glass, Coffee, Cone ice cream, Cooked chicken, Cookie, Croissant bread, Cup with tea bag, Cupcake, Donuts, Drink can, Filled juice glass, Filled water glass, Fish, French fries, Fried egg, Gingerbread Man, Hot dog, Hotpot, Ice cream bowl, Japanese Rice ball, Ketchup and mustard, Kettle, Knife and fork, Loaf of Bread, Milk box, Muffin, Orange, Pizza slice, Popcorn, Red hot chili, Saucepan,, Serving food, Soft drinks bottle, Soup, Spoon and fork, Watermelon, Wine bottle.
- Gestures & Emoticons Donate, Emoticon Amazed, Emoticon Angry, Emoticon Confused, Emoticon Dead, Emoticon Envy, Emoticon Happy, Emoticon Hot, Emoticon Listening music, Emoticon Mute, Emoticon Nerd smile Emoticon Neutral, Emoticon Pirate smiley, Emoticon Sad and confuse, Emoticon Smiley closed eyes, Emoticon Sweating, Emoticon Tongue out, Emoticon Wink and Tongue, Emoticon Wink, Emoticon Wondering, Emoticon Wound, Eye Pie, Hand, Hand Stop, Hand with book, Hand with bundle, Hand with coins, Hand with tool, Handshake, Heart Broken, Heart Handshake, Heart Help, Idea Hand, Multi Gesture, Multi Hands, Pinch, Press, Swipe, Talking Sad, Talking Smile, Tap, Thumbs down, Thumbs up, Write.

- Interface Add user, Add, Closed folder, Cloud computing servers, Cloud data distribution, Delete, Dial, Disc digital tool symbol for music interface, Door exit with arrow to the right, Door exit, Favorite heart, File in folder, Files, Garden Fence, Hierarchical structure, History clock button, Home, Home in circle, Info, Key security tool interface, Mail envelope, Male Head, Male User, Mark as favorite star, Money finder, Network Protection, Open folder, Padlock lock, Paper plane, Paper, Pen tool, Report, Screen with pencil, Screen, Screwdriver and wrench, Search, Security, Settings, Settings cogwheel button, Sharing connections, Shut down, System Controller, Time left, Tools cross settings symbol for interface, Unlocked padlock, User chat, Users social, Users.

- Maps Binocular telescope, Button call, Button checked pin, Button club, Button directions, Button GPS arrow, Button junction, Button map pin, Button parking, Button stop, Button warning, Compass, Directional sign, Flag, GPS arrow, Location pin, Location pin cafe, Location pin food, Location pin on map, Location pin on road, Location pins route, Map Africa, Map America, Map Australia, Map button, Map Eurasia, Map Pin, Map pin mobile, Map world, Road block, Satellite dish, Search map, Traffic signal, World Map.

- Medical & Health 4 Legs Crutch, Ambulance, Atomic System, Bandage, Blood drop, Brain, Broken arm, Cardio, Dental - Molar, Diagnosis, Doctor patient stretcher, Doctor stethoscope suitcase, Doctor, Electrocardiogram, First aid, Handicap, Hospital sign, Injection, Lab bottle, Lungs, Medical bottle, Medical drip, Medical drug pill, Medical heart, Medical kit, Medical lab, Medical report, Medicine bottle, Microscope, Morgue, Nurse, Orthopedic report, Patient stretcher, Stethoscope, Stomach, Stretcher, Thermometer.

- Miscellaneous 24 Hours Support, Abacus, Airplane flight tickets, Airplane flight, Book, Car repair, Christmas bells, Christmas gift, Christmas stars, Christmas tree, Circle between hands, City avenue perspective, Deck chair under the sun, Delivery cube box package with four, Dollar bill, Dumbbell, Family insurance, Fan propellers, Floating balloons, Hand shake, Handcuffs, Hotel building, Hotel receptionist, Hotel room key, Interlocking rings, Kitchen furniture, Locked, Love hearts, Luggage, Man on stairs, Massage spa body treatment, Open Present Box, Palm of hand, Perfume Spray Bottle, Plug and Plug Connection, Policeman head, Poor water supply, Prize badge with star and ribbon, Round dialogue symbols, Round glasses, Saucepan, Scales of Justice, Shower, Stop clock, Teach, Theater masks couple, Tub, Wall clock, Weight balance.

- Monument Antioquia bridge Colombia, Atcala Gate Spain, Badshahi Mosque Pakistan, Basilica of the Sacred, Heart, Big Ben, Blue Mosque Istanbul, Brandenburg gate, Burj Al Arab, Castle, Christ the Redeemer, Classic Monument, Coliseum, Discobolus of Myron, Disneyland castle, Egyptian pyramid, Eiffel tower, Elizabeth tower, Grand Tour circa, Kaaba Mecca Makkah Arab, Leaning Tower of Pisa, London calling, Lotus temple, Maya pyramid, Milan Cathedral, Modern Building, Monas National Monument, Museum, Netherlands windmill, Palm Jumeirah Dubai, Pyramids, Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima, Roman Pillars, Santa Maria del Fiore, Statue of David, Sun cast Octagon Cedar Cupola, Sydney Opera house, Taj mahal India, Temple of Apollo, Thatbninnya temple Myanmar Birmania, The Little Mermaid monument, The Merlion, The Statue of Liberty, Tian Tan Buddha, Tiananmen square, Tower monument, Triumphal arch, Vincent Thomas bridge, Westminster abbey in United Kingdom, Westminster abbey United Kingdom.

- Multimedia Album selection laptop, Amplifier voice, Camera film strip, Camera lens, Camera with lens outline, Camera, Cassette tape, Cinema clapboard, Compact disc with glare, Digital camera, Domestic Video Camera, Fast rewind, Film Camera, Film frame, Flash lightning, Gramophone, Grand piano, Headset, Heart record button, Media end, Microphone, Movie Film, Movie player, Multimedia projector, Musical notes, Pause, Photo, Photographer camera, Play filled square button, Play, Screen player, Song playlist, Speaker no volume, Speakers, Speakers, Tiny video, Video camera with three dots, Video camera, Video film strip, Video cam filled, Vinyl record player, Visibility off, Volume bars, Volume level, Volume of sound bars, Volume wheel.

- Music Audio equipment, Bandmaster, Cassette tape, Classic guitar, DJ hand, Drum set, Drum, Earphones, Gramophone, Guitar, Headphone, Headphones with music note, Jazz Saxophone, Male head with headphones, Maracas, Microphone, Music play button, Music player, Music video film strip, Nautilus shell of sea life to hear the sea, Party DJ, Piano keys, Play, Song note, Song notes, Sound bars pulse, Sound bars, Speaker, Speakers, Striped headphones, Tambourine, Transverse flute, Triangle, Trumpet, Vinyl disc, Vinyl record player, Violin, Voice controller, Xylophone.

- Nature Acorn, Autumn leaf, Bean sprouts, Budding leaves, Cactus, Christmas berries, Christmas mistletoe, Christmas stars, Christmas tree, Coconut trees, dates tree, Flame with wood, Flame, Flower, Flower shape of five petals, Flower shape of four petals or leaf, Flower variant with leaves, Flower with round petals, Flower with rounded petals, Forest view, Four leaf clover, Grass, Green park city space, Herbal spa treatment leaves, Jug of water, Leaf, Lightning electric energy, maple leaf, Moon and stars, Pines trees forest, Planet land, Plant a tree, Plant icon, Plant leaves on a hand, Pyramid, Recycle symbol of three leaves, Rose, Snowy Mountains, Sprouts, Star shaped flower, Tree, Tree leaf, Water drop, Water lily flower.

- Networking Access point, Cloud computing, Cloud data sharing, Cloud networking, Cloud, Computer cable, Computer network, Computers intranet, Data Center, Data exchanging, Data server, Data sharing, Database Server, Database, Edit category, Electric lengthen, Folkd big logo, Hardware, Hierarchical network, Home Network, Home Networking, Increase team work, Internet plug, LAN port, Local Area Networking, Network, Network firewall, Network shield, Network square, Networking cable, Password, Plug connector, Remote connection, Security, Social networking, Syncing, Team work success, USB connector, Wireless media stick.

- People Boy with glasses tie and spikes hair, Business man, Business woman with goggles, Businessman with beard wearing tie and goggles, Businessmen team male, Call Center worker with headset, Chil hand on the hand of an adult, Community manager, Confused, Constructor with hard hat protection, Couple after shopping, Dressed boy, Family of four in car, Family of four with two minors and two adults, Family of three, Female and male with a vertical, Female customer support, Female student with school bag, Female, Girl wearing vintage dress, Graduate male student, Group of friends standing with arms up, Group of people in a formation, Hand shake, Happy kid, Male and female stylish, Male confused, Male mustache, Male talking, Man in office desk with computer, Man sitting on office desk working, Man talking by speaker, Man with tie, Multiple users, Nerd male with mustache wearing tie, Old age couple, Party dancing, People dancing, Standing persons salutation talking one each other, Standing up boy, Standing Up business, Traveler with a suitcase, Two friends standing, Two persons talking sharing sitting, Users relation, Work in cafe, Worker of construction with a shovel, Working with laptop.
- Signs Add symbol, Bike zone signal, Check mark, Circular Symbol of Japan, Clockwork heart, Cross mark Cup of tea, Dollar coin money, Eco home, hand with sign board, Handicapped symbol, Home, Info sign, Justice symbol, Key with heart key-chain, Key, Love chat, Love speech bubble, Metal detector gate, Open lock, Parking symbol, Perfume bottle with heart, Perfume bottle with heart, Pharmacy tool plus sign in square, Plus sign, Power symbol, Question mark, Question sign in bald head, Recycle symbol with punch, Recycling symbol, Smiley in love, Wine bottle, Zodiac symbol Aquarius water container, Zodiac symbol Aries, Zodiac symbol Cancer crab, Zodiac symbol Capricorn, Zodiac symbol Gemini twins, Zodiac symbol Leo lion, Zodiac symbol Libra scale, Zodiac symbol Pisces, Zodiac symbol Sagittarius archer, Zodiac symbol Scorpion, Zodiac symbol Taurus, Zodiac symbol Virgo.

- Social Accessibility sign, Add contacts, Add user to social network, Apple social badge, Boy irritate, Chat bubbles, Chat, Crowd of users, Dislike, Facebook open, Gift box with a ribbon, Google Plus, Google social badge, Group profile users, Group security, Instagram open, Instagram rounded, Like, LinkedIn, Male User with Heart, Male user, Man in suit and tie, Online collaboration, Pinterest open, Professional group, Professional user, Profile users connected, Profile users, quotation mark, Share, Skype, Social RSS, Star, Steam, Students group, Telephone, Tumbler, Twitter open, Twitter, Users group, Workers with safety helmets, YouTube rounded, YouTube.

- Sports Basket of basketball, Basketball player with basketball, Basketball, Checkered flag, Dart arrows in the middle, Dumbbell training, Dumbbells exercise, Energy drink, Exercise bike, First prize trophy, Football, Golf bag equipment with sticks, Golf course, Golf sticks, Gym weight, Hat, Helmet, Horse Racetrack, Jogging, Jump rope, karate, Medal with Star, MP3 player, Player with football, Podium, Racket and tennis ball, Racket, Red card, Rugby ball, Running on treadmill, Running, Shoe for sports, Soccer ball, Soccer shoe, Stopwatch, Swimming pool, Swimming, Team uniform, Tennis ball, Tennis player, Trophy cup for number one, Trophy shape, Volleyball, Weight machine, Weightlifter, Yoga.

- Technology Android logo, Black Keyboard, Broadcast communications tower, Cloud Repair Service, Computer Mouse, Computer processor, Computer screen with wrench and screwdriver, Database, DVD Disc, Game joystick, Global Connect, Hard drive, Headsets with Microphone, Images, Incandescent Light Bulb, Lighting Bulb, Male Chat Support, Master Drive, Media speaker, Memory Card, Men with idea, Nokia Smartphone, Nuclear Light Bulb, Old Telephone, Pen tablet, Phone symbol of an auricular inside, Power Switch, Printed circuit, Printer, Radio, Refrigerator with freezer, Retro radio device, Round Clock, SD Card, Smartphone, Stopwatch, Tablet, Telephone, Telescope, Three Servers, Upload Cloud, USB flash drive, Users Settings, Vintage Cellphone, Vintage TV, Windows 8 logo, Wireless internet router.

- Transport Air transport, Ambulance, Battery, Bike, Boat from front view, Bus, Bus side view, Car headlight, Car key, Car Plug, Car with side view, City car, Construction bulldozer, Cruiser front view, Disc brake, Fuel pump, Heavy truck, Helicopter side view, Industrial excavator, Jeep, Load truck, Logistics truck, Luxury yacht boat, Machinery parts, Mixer truck, Motor bike Oil can, Packages transportation on a truck, Pickup truck, Police car, Private jet, Radiator, Railway train, Rickshaw, School bus, Scooter bike, Staring, Taxi, Train, Truck loader, Truck, Wheel.

- Weapons 2 katanas, Arrow on target, Binoculars front view, Bomb explosion, Bomb warning, Bomb with burning fuse, Bomb, Bullet, Canon, Criminal with big gun, Cross Swords, Crossed swords, Dynamite, Fencing, Gas mask, Gun, Gun Shooting Target, Hand grenade, Handgun, Hunting arm, Hunting with arm, Lightning bolt, Male with armalite gun, Missile war weapon, Missile weapon, Ninja Shuriken, Police gun, Protection Shield, Round Bomb with Burning Wick, Shield with Line, Shield with padlock, Shield with sword, Shoot target point, Space arm, Star blade on square background, Star multi corners, Sun, Sword, Target scope, Targeting, Two Katanas, USA shield, War airplane, War tank.
- Weather Barometer semicircular, Beach Umbrella, Cloud, Cloud and lightnings, Cloud and rain, Cloud in circle, Cloud outline, Cloud with Lightning, Cloud with rain, Clouds storm, Cloudy Day, Eco energy symbol of a lightning, Half moon phase, Hot thermometer, Lighting Button, Lightning, Mercury Thermometer and a snow, Moon phase symbol with craters, Pair of clouds, Partly cloudy night, Rainbow, Rainy Cloud, Rising temperatures, Sea waves, Slight rain, Snow weather, Snowflake 1, Snowflake crystal in a circle, Snowflake lined, Snowflake, Snowy night, Storm tonight, Sun cloud and rain, Sun covered by cloud, Sun, Sunset, Thermometer and sun, Thermometer high temperature, Three drops, Umbrella and Raindrops, Umbrella.

- Web About us, Browser, Button Add, Button Info, Button Minus, Button Question, Checkbox, Closed Lock, Cloud computing connecting people, Code signs, Conversation bubble, Crowdsourcing, Crown, Domain, Download, Download file, Download from Cloud, Email opened envelope with at, Email opened envelope, Email with at, Envelope, Heart, Home, HTML Language, Links, Login, Male user, News, Newspaper, Price tag, Rankings, Refresh arrow, Responsive, Search engine result, Search, SEO report, Share, Shopping bag, Shopping cart, Sitemap, Speech bubble, Star ribbon, Under maintenance, Upload file, Upload.

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